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Make Her Laugh Before Bedtime: Funny Good Night Messages for Girlfriend

Do you want to make your girlfriend smile before she goes to bed. Look no further, because here are some funny good night messages that are sure to make her laugh before bedtime. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of humorous good night messages that you can send to your girlfriend to brighten up her night. These messages will not only make her laugh, but also remind her how much you care for her.

So, why wait. Let’s dive into the funny good night messages for girlfriend and make her go to bed with a smile on her face. As the famous comedian, Bob Hope once said, “I have a great sense of humor. I am a combination of an angel and devil with the sense of humor of a stooge.

” With that being said, let’s learn how to be a stooge and make your girlfriend laugh with some funny messages before she falls asleep. After a long day, there’s nothing like sending a funny good night message to your girlfriend to show her that you’re thinking of her. With these messages, you can make her laugh and feel loved at the same time. So, what are you waiting for.

Start sending some funny good night messages to your girlfriend and make her bedtime a little bit more enjoyable.

“Sending Some Love and Laughs: Hilarious Good Night Messages to Make Your Girlfriend Smile”

1. I wish I could cuddle with you tonight, but since I can’t, I’ll just cuddle with my pillow and pretend it’s you. Goodnight my love!

2. As you drift off to sleep, just remember that the only thing that’s sweeter than your smile is the chocolate cake I ate before bed. Sweet dreams!

3. Sleeping without you feels like a pizza without cheese, like a burger without a patty, like a cake without frosting. You complete me, babe. Goodnight!

4. You know what’s the best thing about going to bed? It means I get to dream about you all night. Can’t wait for the movie marathon in my dreams. Goodnight, baby!

5. I just realized that we’ve been texting each other goodnight for 6 months now. Can we please take this to the next level and say it in person? Love you, my sleepyhead!

6. Hey, just a quick reminder: you’re not allowed to have any bad dreams tonight because I’ll be too busy protecting you in mine. Sweet dreams, my protector.

7. I must be the luckiest guy in the world because every night I get to say goodnight to the most beautiful girl in the world. Sleep tight, my princess.

8. Every time I see a shooting star, I make a wish that we will be together forever. But for now, let’s just have a peaceful sleep and conquer the world together in the morning. Goodnight, my partner in crime.

9. I tried counting sheep to fall asleep, but then I realized that I only need one sheep and that’s ewe. Goodnight, my love!

10. I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to write to the most beautiful girl in the world instead. I hope this message makes you smile before you drift off to sleep. Goodnight, my love.

11. They say the best things in life are free. Can I please have a goodnight kiss as proof of that? Wishing you sweet dreams and a kiss from me!

12. I wonder what you are dreaming about tonight. Is it about traveling the world, or maybe finally convincing me to try sushi? Sweet dreams, my adventurous babe.

13. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in a dream because I get to call someone like you my girlfriend. Sweet dreams, my love. See you in my dreams!

14. I’m so grateful for technology because even when we’re apart, I can still say goodnight to you and feel like you’re right here with me. Goodnight, my queen of emojis and texts.

15. My mom always told me to never go to bed angry. But I guess it’s okay tonight because the only thing I’m angry about is the fact that you’re not here next to me. Goodnight, my love.

16. I know you said you were just going to bed, but I just wanted to make sure you’re okay and tell you that I love you before I fall asleep. Goodnight, my everything.

17. I just wanted to wish you goodnight and remind you that I will always be here for you, even in your dreams. Love you to the moon and back.

18. Do you know what’s even better than a hug? A goodnight hug from my favorite person in the world. Sending you virtual hugs and kisses. Goodnight, my love.

19. I know it’s late, but I just can’t sleep without telling you how much you mean to me. You are my everything and I am grateful to have you in my life. Sweet dreams, my love.

20. Goodnight to the most beautiful girl in the world. May your dreams be as wonderful as you are. See you in the morning, my love.


1. What did the blanket say to the bed?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

2. Why did the tomato turn red?

Because it saw the salad dressing!

3. What do you call a sleeping dinosaur?

A dino-snore!

4. What do you say to a vampire before bed?

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite- oh wait, that’s just me!

5. How do you make a tissue dance?

You put a little boogey in it!

6. Why did the cookie go to bed?

It was feeling crumbly.

7. What do you call a bear that snores all night?

A grizzzzzly bear!

8. Why did the pony go to bed?

Because it was a little hoarse.

9. What do you say to a cat before bed?

Nighty Meow!

10. How do you know it’s time for bed?

Your eyes are tired from looking for the remote that’s right in front of you!

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