About Us

At BBQish.com we are passionate about barbeques. We believe a barbeque party should be more than just a party. We strive to bring you the best information about everything BBQ. From electric grills, Charcoal grills, pellet smokers to turkey fryers, we explore them all to ensure we bring you the correct information. There are many types of barbeque equipment on the market. We reckon that it might not be easy for you to tell which ones work best. We go out of our way to ensure you stay informed and you know which grill to buy for what purpose. We endeavor to ensure you buy the grill that will serve you best. We are enthusiasts about barbeques and various types of grill technology and keep a keen eye on various improvements in the technology.

How Do We Help?

Grilling and barbeques are a must if your party is to stand out. It would be unfortunate to have a grill or smoker that turns out to be ineffective or defective. We come in to ensure none of that happens. We take our time to explore various BBQ equipment and compare them against each other. We put the various equipment under real-life tests and document their performances so that we can present to your factual and correct information. All these efforts are aimed at ensuring you get the best grills at the best price. The grills or smokers you get should serve you optimally and last long too.

How Do We Tell What’s Best?

We spend our time collecting data and testing various aspects of BBQ equipment to ensure we have the correct information and specifications. We won’t just take manufacturers or vendors word. We explore put the equipment through rigorous tests to determine whether they have the deliverables that they promise. Using the data and information collected, we compile the best grills’ reviews. The reviews are designed to help you make informed choices when you go shopping for BBQ equipment.

Manufactures and vendors will normally decline to expose all the information about their products, especially when it is not so rosy. We bring experts and professionals on board to who explore the products and give unbiased reviews about them. Customers who have used the products before are part of the process too. They help by giving their personal experiences with the products. All these efforts are meant to ensure you get factual information.

Our reviews never seek to influence your opinions or perceptions. They seek to inform and educate you and ensure you can make an informed purchase. We want to make sure the product you purchase if not ineffective or defective.

Best Prices

The grills and smokers come at different prices. Getting value for your money is crucial. On top of telling you how to find the best product, we tell you how to find it at the best price. We believe you should never be overcharged. Any product you buy should be worth every single dime you pay for it.

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