This disclosure is part of our efforts to reassure our readers, clients, and partners of our commitment towards complying with the governing laws and regulations. We are subject to all the laws and regulations that govern advertising, marketing, testimonials, internet use and endorsements as they are worldwide.

We may receive and accept payments and remuneration from time to time form various quarters. This remuneration comes in the form of advertising dues. The parties paying these dues do not have any control over our operations and the publications we make. Our content remains independent of any remuneration or sponsorship we receive.

We uphold honesty and facts in the information published. We are also quite sensitive about the information we publish about other entities and individuals. We respect their rights to privacy and do not engage in any sort of defamation.


Google Ads are present all over the pages of our website. We are not responsible for these ads in any way. Our officers do not participate in choosing which ads appear on the website. Any ads that are similar to the content published on our page is out of sheer coincidence.

We also have non-Google advertisers on the website. We maintain a high threshold for the quality of goods and services we allow to be pushed on the website. We allow onboard numerous external advertisers and appreciate their sponsorship of the website. The content published is independent of such sponsorship though.

Affiliate Links

We have numerous affiliate relationships. Our website contains many affiliate links. These links lead you to a landing page offering products or services. You at liberty to click or not to click on the links. We are not liable for the quality of goods and services you get from such links. We receive commissions from sales that come from our leads. To maintain transparency and clarity, we like to keep our affiliate relationships known.

Below are some of the affiliate relationships we have.

Amazon.com.ca, Inc. Associates Program.

Amazon Services LLC Associates Program

Amazon Europe S.a.r.l Associates Program.

They are affiliate marketing programs that earn the website revenues through generating leads. We link and advertise on behalf of the Amazon platforms and earn commissions from the sales obtained from our leads. There are affiliate links for the programs across the website. There are numerous other affiliate relationships that we have. We have numerous links on the website. We do not offer warranty for the services or goods bought through these links. These links do not affect the content we publish in any way.

All the links in the website are not affiliate links though. Some are informational links, leading to somewhere we think you might find relevant information. These links take you to another website that we have no jurisdiction over. Your engagement on those websites is subject to the terms of use of that website. We will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages suffered from following out links to such websites.

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