Privacy Policy

Our desire is to ensure you have a great experience on our website. As we strive to enhance our interactions with our visitors, we may collect some information about your visits to our website. We respect your right to privacy. That is why we have this privacy policy in place to ensure your privacy is well protected.  The policy will help you understand how information collected about you is used. It will also help you understand how various interactions with the website affect the kind of information we receive from you.


Our servers automatically record non-personal non-identifying information about each visit you make. This information includes the date and time of visit. This information is important in understanding the amount of traffic on the website at certain times. This information can be analyzed at specific times and revealed in public as non-identifying aggregate statistics.

We may also need to collect personal non-identifying information such as IP addresses. Your IP address may be used to identify the location from which you are visiting the website. We collect such information so that we can understand where our traffic comes from. This information helps us serve them better. This information is collected from people who engage on the website by leaving comments. This kind of information cannot be disclosed to any third party. Our officers, partners, and contractors are the only entities with access to such information.

We may also collect personally identifying information. Normally this will happen if you wish to register for an account with us. We will prompt you to input your names, email address, and other contact information. We may also ask for your financial information if you wish to transact with us. This kind of information is only accessible to the entities mentioned above. It cannot be disclosed to any other third party. You are always at liberty to decline to offer such information. You may not get access to certain services if you choose to do so though. This information may also be analyzed and compile as aggregate statistics. The statistics may be released in public. The statistics are non-personal and non-identifying.

Access to Visitor Information

Any information collected is only accessible to our employees, contractors and partner organizations. The three parties need to commit to a non-disclosure policy too. They cannot disclose this information to anyone else. Apart from these three parties, we may disclose the information to a third party if required by court order or an act of legislation to do so. We may also release the information if it is deemed right to do so for the sake of our welfare, that of our partners and that of the general public.


Cookies are packets of settings that are installed in your browser when you visit the website and accept them. You can always reject the cookies. However, the website may not work optimally on your browser if you choose to. The cookies are meant to enhance your experience on the website.

Company Transfer

This company and the website may be acquired by another party at any time. When such a transfer occurs, your information will be transferred to the new holding party. The new party may decide to keep the privacy policy as it is or makes changes to it. You will be sent a notification if any such transfer is made. Continued visits to the website with constitute consent to the privacy policy as it is under the new holding authority.

Policy Changes

We may change this policy at any time that we deem fit to do so. Notifications shall be sent to you if the policy is changed at any point. We shall not be liable of the notification do not reach you. Continued engagement on the platform constitutes consent to the policy as it is.

Terms of Use

Visiting and engaging on our website is subject to some terms and conditions. By visiting the website, you agree to be subject to the terms and conditions as well as all the other rules and regulations that govern our operations. If you do not agree, you are not allowed to visit the website. You shall be legally liable for any infringement of the law that you may make while engaging on the website.

Privacy Policy

In an effort to safeguard your information, we have a privacy policy in place. The privacy policy makes you aware of the type of information we may collect from you and how we may use it. The privacy policy is part of the terms of use. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to the privacy policy as it is.

Website’s Intellectual property

The content in our pages remains our intellectual property at all times. You are not authorized to use it anywhere else. Any act of reproduction, redistribution, sale or renting the content without our prior consent is criminal and may attract a lawsuit. You may not lift any content from our page in part or in full.


Your interactions on the website and dealings shall remain within the bounds allowed by laws and regulations that apply. Your engagement shall not infringe on the rights of others or deny them the right to enjoy access to the website. Content that is harassing, abusive, derogatory, offensive and obscene shall not be allowed on the website. Advertisement and commercial interactions are not allowed unless you get prior consent from us.

Restricted Access

We have the right to allow or deny anyone admission to the website. The website has restricted parts too. Access to such parts is subject to certain terms and conditions. Access to such part may mean you have to sign up for an account. While signing for an account, you will have to submit personal identifying information. You have to consent to a confidentiality policy too.

Terms Changes

We have the right to change the terms of use at any point when we think it is fit to do so, so long as the changes are legal. Notifications will be sent if there are any changes to the terms of use. If you continue to visit the website, you will be subject to the terms of use as they are. If you do not consent to the terms of use as they are, you are not allowed to visit the website. If any clause in the terms of use becomes illegal through a court order or legislation, it will be removed. The rest of the clauses will hold as they are.

Resources Use

We share a lot of information on our pages, as well as our partners. Your use of this information does, or resources does not put us in any contractual or legal agreement with you. You use it at your discretion. Any risks, injuries or losses suffered from such use is your responsibility. Our officer, our partners, and the company, in general, shall not be liable.

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