Surprise Your Boyfriend with Hilarious Birthday Wishes

Surprise Your Boyfriend with Hilarious Birthday Wishes Are you tired of giving the same old boring birthday wishes to your boyfriend. How about surprising him with some hilarious and unique wishes instead. Surprise your boyfriend on his special day by sending him funny messages and wishes that will make him laugh out loud with joy. Make his birthday memorable and show him your love and appreciation with a touch of humor.

Why not try something out of the ordinary and amp up the birthday fun. Check out our article on surprising your boyfriend with hilarious birthday wishes and add some laughter to his celebrations. According to famous comedian and actor, Jim Carrey, “I think anyone who’s perfectly happy isn’t particularly funny.” So, lighten up the mood and make your boyfriend’s birthday one to remember with our creative and witty birthday wishes.

“Bringing the LOLs: Hilarious Birthday Greetings for Your Main Squeeze”

1. “Happy birthday to my favorite weirdo! I still can’t believe you like me, let alone want to spend your birthday with me.”

2. “I don’t know what’s more impressive, the fact that you’re officially a year older or that you’ve put up with me for this long.”

3. “Another year, another wrinkle. But don’t worry, I’ll still love you even when you start looking like a raisin.”

4. “You’re like fine wine, except instead of getting better with age, you just get more…well, never mind.”

5. “I hope you have a birthday just as amazing as you are, which means we better start stocking up on pizza and video games now.”

6. “Happy birthday to the only person I would willingly share my snacks with. That’s real love, my friend.”

7. “I love you more than Kanye loves Kanye, and that’s saying something.”

8. “On your special day, I promise to only embarrass you a little bit (okay, maybe a lot).”

9. “Happy birthday to my sweet, loving, and slightly crazy boyfriend. Thanks for keeping things interesting.”

10. “This year, I promise to put up with your terrible jokes and endless puns, but only because I love you.”

11. “I hope your birthday is filled with all your favorite things: pizza, memes, and me.”

12. “Happy birthday to the guy who makes my heart skip a beat…usually from laughing so hard.”

13. “Another year older, another year wiser…or at least, that’s what I’ll tell everyone at your birthday party.”

14. “They say you shouldn’t make fun of your significant other, but rules were meant to be broken. Happy birthday, my love.”

15. “I used to think love was about butterflies and fireworks, but now I know it’s really about eating pizza in bed while watching Netflix with you.”

16. “Happy birthday to the world’s greatest boyfriend, and yes I have plenty of evidence to back that claim up (i.e. you’re reading this card).”

17. “I promise to love you through all the good, the bad, and the days when you hog the entire bed. Okay, maybe not that last one.”

18. “I hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are and as messy as our relationship.”

19. “Congratulations, you’re another year closer to becoming a grumpy old man. Luckily, I’ll be there to make sure you stay young at heart.”

20. “Happy birthday to the guy who puts up with my crazy, but still somehow makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.”


1. What do you get a man who has everything on his birthday?

A gift receipt so he can return some of it.

2. Why did the birthday boy wear a party hat?

Because the party don’t start until he walks in with his hat on!

3. What did the cake say to the ice cream?

You’re so cool, I’m getting chills just looking at you!

4. Why did the birthday boy go to the doctor?

To get a birthday shot!

5. How do you know you’re getting older?

Your candles cost more than your cake!

6. What do you give a man who has everything on his birthday?

A break from buying gifts for a year.

7. What do you call an alligator in a party hat?

An “investi-gator”!

8. Why did the birthday boy go to the doctor’s office with a box of Cheerios?

He wanted to see if it was a cereal killer!

9. Why did the birthday boy refuse to have cake?

He didn’t want any part of it!

10. What did the birthday boy get when he walked into his surprise party?

An eye appointment, because he couldn’t believe his eyes!

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