Top 30 Funny Birthday Messages for Your Best Friend | 30th Birthday

Birthdays are a time for celebrating and showing your loved ones how much they mean to you. And if your loved one is your best friend, then you know it’s a special occasion. So, for your best friend’s 30th birthday, we have compiled a list of 30 funny birthday messages that will definitely make them laugh and feel loved. Do you want to make your best friend’s milestone birthday extra special.

Look no further. Our list of the top 30 funny birthday messages for their 30th birthday will surely make them laugh, love, and feel appreciated. These funny and witty messages are the perfect way to celebrate your best friend’s 30th birthday. From lighthearted jokes to hilarious puns, these birthday messages are guaranteed to bring a smile to your best friend’s face.

So, get ready to make their big day even more memorable with our list of 30 funny birthday messages. Famous comedian, Jerry Seinfeld once said, “A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success.” And we all know that your best friend fits into that category perfectly. So, dedicate one of these funny birthday messages for your best friend and appreciate the laughter and memories you’ve shared together.

So, don’t wait any longer, let’s get this birthday party started with our top 30 funny birthday messages for your best friend’s 30th birthday. Because what’s better than celebrating a milestone birthday with your best friend and a good laugh.

“30 and Thriving (Well, at Least You’re Not 40 Yet): Hilarious Messages to Send to Your Bestie on Their Big 3-0!”

1. “Turning 30 is just like turning 20, but with more wisdom, experience, and wrinkles!”

2. “Happy 30th birthday to my partner in crime, my partner in wine, and my partner in all things crazy!”

3. “Can’t believe we’ve been friends for 30 years, but age is just a number, right?”

4. “They say life begins at 30, but let’s be real, we’ve been living it up since we were 21.”

5. “Happy 30th my dear friend, may your hangovers be milder and your skincare routine be stronger.”

6. “As your best friend, it’s my duty to remind you that you’re now closer to 40 than 20. Cheers!”

7. “Cheers to 30 years of making memories, laughing until we cry, and being the best of friends. Here’s to 30 more!”

8. “At 30, you’re in your prime, just like a fine wine. Except maybe with a few more corkscrews.”

9. “They say you’re only as old as you feel, so go ahead and act like the 16-year-olds we once were. Happy birthday!”

10. “30 years ago, you were born. Today, you’re another year older and still just as fabulous!”

11. “They say the 30s are the new 20s, but let’s be honest, we couldn’t handle another round of our 20s!”

12. “Happy 30th birthday to the one person who has seen me at my best and worst and still loves me unconditionally.”

13. “Cheers to 30 years of friendship, where we’ve shared laughter, tears, and way too many tequila shots.”

14. “30 years and counting of being partners in crime, partners in wine, and partners in all things sublime.”

15. “Remember when we thought 30-year-olds were so grown-up? Now we’re almost there and still don’t have it all figured out!”

16. “As your best friend, it’s my duty to remind you that you’re now officially in your 30s and it’s only downhill from here. Just kidding, kinda.”

17. “Happy 30th birthday to my ride or die, my soul sister, and my partner in shenanigans.”

18. “30 looks good on you, my friend. You may have a few more gray hairs, but you’re still as youthful and fun-loving as ever.”

19. “They say time flies when you’re having fun, and with you by my side, these 30 years have flown by!”

20. “Here’s to 30 years of friendship, where we’ve grown older, but not necessarily wiser.”


Funny 30th Birthday Messages for Best Friend:

1. “Happy 30th birthday to my best friend! I can’t believe you’re officially old now. Just kidding, you still look young and fabulous.”

2. “Wishing my bestie a very happy 30th birthday! May your wrinkles be few and your youthful spirit stay forever.”

3. “They say the first 30 years of childhood are the hardest. Cheers to finally being an adult! Happy birthday, bestie!”

4. “Happy 30th birthday to my partner in crime. It’s been a wild ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what trouble we’ll get into next.”

5. “You’re officially in your dirty thirties now. But don’t worry, I promise I won’t let you act your age. Happy birthday, best friend!”

6. “Another year older, another year wiser? Yeah, right. Let’s just stick with older. Happy 30th birthday to my wise-cracking bestie.”

7. “Turning 30 is like reaching the top of a hill. But don’t worry, 40 is just down the slope. Enjoy the ride and happy birthday!”

8. “Happy 30th birthday, bestie! It’s time to start getting your life together…or at least pretending to.”

9. “30 looks good on you, my friend. Of course, with a face like yours, you could look good at any age. Cheers to you!”

10. “As your best friend, it’s my duty to remind you that you’re now 30 and it’s time to start adulting. Just kidding, let’s go act like kids and celebrate your birthday instead!”

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