Hilarious 21st Birthday Messages for Son: Make Him Laugh on His Big Day

Hilarious 21st Birthday Messages for Son: Make Him Laugh on His Big Day As your son turns 21, it’s the perfect opportunity to shower him with love, but also make him laugh with some hilarious birthday messages. So, how can you make your son’s big day even more special and memorable for him. In this article, we are going to share some of the funniest 21st birthday messages for your son that will surely make him laugh out loud. From witty one-liners to clever puns, we have it all covered to brighten up your son’s special day.

After reading these hilarious birthday messages, your son will surely have a hard time wiping that big smile off his face. So, let’s not keep him waiting and dive right into the funny world of 21st birthday messages for your beloved son. Do you want your son’s 21st birthday to be full of laughter and joy. Well, you are in the right place.

We have researched and compiled the best birthday messages that will crack up your son and make him feel extra special on his milestone birthday. So, get ready to make your son’s 21st birthday one for the books with these hilarious messages by famous comedians and authors. Trust us; your son will thank you later for these epic birthday wishes.

“Cheers to 21 years of making us laugh: Funny birthday wishes for our son!”

1. Happy 21st birthday, my dear son! I can’t believe you’re all grown up now. Just promise me you’ll still ask for my permission before borrowing the car.

2. Cheers to you on your 21st birthday, my son! Finally, you’re legal to drink…water. But don’t worry, we’ll unleash the party beast when you turn 21.

3. Son, I’m so proud of the person you have become. You’ve developed into a fine young adult…who still can’t do their own laundry.

4. Welcome to the club of 21-year-olds, my son! Just remember, you still have a whole lifetime to make mistakes and blame it on being young.

5. Happy 21st birthday to my son, my mini-me! I can’t wait for you to start paying your own bills…just kidding, enjoy being broke while you can.

6. My dear son, on your 21st birthday, I have two words for you: credit card. Just kidding, please use it responsibly.

7. They say 21 is the age of freedom, but somehow I’m still telling you what time you need to be home. Love you, son!

8. Congratulations on finally turning 21, my son! You’re officially old enough to get lost in Vegas and have a story to tell.

9. As your mother/father, it is my duty to embarrass you on your 21st birthday. Just wait for the slideshow of baby pictures at your party.

10. Son, on your 21st birthday, I have only one piece of advice for you: always eat the pizza, even if it’s two days old.

11. Happy 21st birthday, son! Prepare yourself for a decade of hangovers and regret…oh wait, that’s just college.

12. Here’s to the best 21-year-old I know, my son! May your life be as awesome as the memes you send me.

13. Happy 21st birthday, son! I hope you inherit my sense of humor and your mother’s good looks.

14. Congratulations on surviving 21 years of having me as a parent, son! I couldn’t have asked for a better test subject.

15. On your 21st birthday, my son, I’m finally willing to admit that you’re not just my favorite child, you’re my only child.

16. Son, you’re 21 now, so it’s time to start making responsible decisions…like which Netflix show to binge-watch next.

17. Happy 21st birthday, my son! Just remember, with great age comes great responsibility…and great opportunities for naps.

18. Son, on your 21st birthday, I’m giving you the gift of knowledge: how to do your own taxes. You’re welcome.

19. Congratulations on becoming a legal adult, son. It’s all downhill from here…but hey, at least the view is good.

20. Happy 21st birthday, my son! May your hangovers be few and your memories be many (or at least the ones you can remember).


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1. “Happy 21st birthday, my dear son! The first 20 years have been practice, now let’s see what you can do!”

2. “They say good things come to those who wait… well, my patience has paid off as I finally have a 21-year-old son!”

3. “Now that you’re 21, I can can finally share all the ‘adult’ jokes and stories with you!”

4. “You’re finally 21 and legal to do all the things you’ve been doing for years… Cheers to being officially responsible!”

5. “Happy 21st birthday, son! Don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you… too much!”

6. “I can’t believe my baby boy is now a 21-year-old man… I must be getting old!”

7. “Congratulations on officially being able to buy your own alcohol! Just remember to drink responsibly… or at least text me when you need a ride home.”

8. “Turning 21 only means one thing… no more excuses for not cleaning your room!”

9. “21 years ago, I never could have imagined what an amazing young man you would become. Happy birthday, son!”

10. “Do you know what’s more exciting than your 21st birthday? The fact that you’ll never have to hear me nag you about following rules again!”

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