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Send Your Crush Flirty Good Night Messages in Hindi

Do you want to make your crush’s heart flutter before they go to bed. Look no further. Sending flirty goodnight messages in Hindi is the perfect way to show your affection and keep them thinking of you. So, let’s dive into some charming and sweet goodnight messages you can send to your crush in Hindi.

Flirting through text messages can be tricky, but these Hindi messages are sure to make your crush’s heart skip a beat. You can start with a simple “Good night, sweetheart” or go for a more playful approach with “Raaton ki rani, tum mere sapno mein aati ho.” Either way, your crush will surely appreciate the effort and thought you put into sending them a flirty goodnight message. Now that you have some ideas for flirty goodnight messages in Hindi, it’s time to put them into action.

Don’t be afraid to tailor the message to your own unique style and add that personal touch. And who knows, your crush might just reply with an equally flirty message, leading to some late-night conversations that will make you both smile. As for some expert advice, renowned romance author and dating expert Dr. Seema Hingorrany recommends sending goodnight messages to your crush as it helps create a sense of intimacy and connection.

Furthermore, she suggests using teasing and playful messages to keep the conversation light and flirty. So, what are you waiting for. Show your crush some love and send them a flirty goodnight message in Hindi tonight. Who knows, it might just be the thing that will take your crush to the next level.

Happy texting.

“नवरात्र के विशेष अवसर पर, अपने प्यार से भेजें चमकीले सेरी संदेश!” (Translation: “On this special occasion of Navratri, send a sparkling good night message to your love!”)

1. Aapki haseen raat mein main sirf aapko hi yaad kar rahi hun.

(Thinking of only you in this beautiful night)

2. Aapki khubsurat khwahishon ke saath mujhe neend aa gayi hai.

(Your beautiful desires have put me to sleep)

3. So jao, kyunki kal subah aapke sapne mujhe apne saath lekar jaayenge.

(Go to sleep because tomorrow morning your dreams will take me with you)

4. Raat hui aur aapke saath rehne ke liye sabse achhi wajah bani.

(The night has become the best reason to stay with you)

5. Jaanti ho, mujhe aapse baatein karte hue sona pasand hai.

(You know, I love to sleep while talking to you)

6. Aapki aankhon mein tu sirf khushiyan dikh rahi hain.

(I can only see happiness in your eyes)

7. Aap mere liye sone se zyada valuable ho.

(You are more valuable to me than sleep)

8. Aaj raat aapko shanti aur sukoon mile, mere pyaare se crush.

(May you find peace and comfort tonight, my dear crush)

9. Aapke sapne sach hote hai, isliye aapko ache sapne dekhne doonga.

(Your dreams come true, so the only I’ll give you good dreams)

10. Aapki aankhon mein dhoondhungi main aapko apne sapno mein.

(I’ll look for you in my dreams tonight)

11. Aapko sote hue dekhna bhi meri kismat mein shamil hai.

(Seeing you sleep is also a part of my luck)

12. Shayad aaj raat aap mere sapnon mein aayenge.

(Maybe you’ll come in my dreams tonight)

13. Sapno ki raani se pyaara toh aapse koi aur nahi ho sakta.

(No one can be more lovable than the queen of my dreams)

14. Aapko good night wish karne ka ek alag hi maza hai.

(It’s a different kind of pleasure to wish you good night)

15. Aapke sapne mere liye mere samundar se bhi gehere hai.

(Your dreams are deeper for me than my ocean)

16. Aapki baaho mein sona ek khwab toh nahi, lekin aapke saath hamesha rahna meri taqdeer hai.

(Sleeping in your arms may not be a dream, but staying with you forever is my destiny)

17. Aapke sapne dekhna bhi ek alag sa sukoon hai.

(Seeing your dreams is also a different kind of peace)

18. Aapke chehre par chamakta chand toh didaar karne ka bahaana hai.

(The bright moon on your face is an excuse to see you)

19. Mera dil aapko jaise aasmaan ki chandni chahta hai.

(My heart wants you like the moon in the sky)

20. Meri har raat aapke saath guzregi, chahe aap mere paas ho ya door.

(My every night will be spent with you, whether you’re near or far)


1)”Can’t stop thinking about you, good night my dear crush”

Answer: This sweet message expresses your feelings for your crush and lets them know that they are constantly on your mind. 2) “Wishing you a good night filled with sweet dreams, my heart beats for you”

Answer: Letting your crush know that they are the one your heart desires, even in your dreams. 3) “Do you know how much you mean to me? Good night my love, can’t wait to see you in my dreams”

Answer: This message conveys the depth of your feelings for your crush and expresses your excitement to see them in your dreams. 4) “Hey cutie, can’t go to bed without wishing you a good night filled with love and sweet dreams”

Answer: This playful message shows your crush that they are on your mind even at bedtime. 5) “Do you know what’s on my mind before I fall asleep? You, my dear crush. Good night and see you in my dreams”

Answer: This message lets your crush know that they are your last thought before you drift off to sleep. 6) “Just wanted to say good night to my one and only crush, dream of me and I’ll dream of you”

Answer: This message lets your crush know that they are the only one on your mind and you hope to be in their dreams as well. 7) “As I lay in bed, I can’t help but wish I could hold you tight and whisper good night my love, sleep well”

Answer: This message expresses your longing to be with your crush and your good wishes for their peaceful sleep. 8) “Hey handsome, good night and sweet dreams to the one who stole my heart”

Answer: This message playfully lets your crush know that they have captured your heart and you hope they have sweet dreams. 9) “Sending good night kisses to the most charming person I know, sleep well and dream of me”

Answer: This flirty message shows your crush how much you appreciate them and hope to be in their dreams. 10) “Before I close my eyes, just wanted to tell you that you are the one I dream of every good night and you make my heart skip a beat”

Answer: This message reveals your true feelings for your crush and how much they mean to you, even in your dreams.

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